Meanwhile, at the NOCO100 Superhero Headquarters…

Comic-book-boomGreetings Northern Colorado citizens! We are working hard behind the scenes to get everything up and running here at! We are planning to host our first meetup sometime this year, just as soon as we have at least 75 NOCO Superheros sign up here on our website. In addition to making an immediate, direct, and positive difference in the lives of your neighbors and the communities in Northern Colorado by helping out a local NOCO charity, our meetings will be packed with fun networking opportunities.

So, be sure to go to the Join Us page and sign up. It doesn’t take anything special to become a Superhero to the Northern Colorado charities we will support, it just takes a willingness to step up and work together for the greater good!

Stay tuned here and on our Facebook page to get the latest news about what should be an exciting event as we launch!